During one’s lifetime there exist many groups one can belong to, whether by choice or not. What really shapes one’s identity is the sum of one’s experiences in life. In this series, we see portraits of people. Their name, age, nationality, occupation, residence are unknown and irrelevant. What they have in common, is that they agreed to answer the same set of questions about themselves. Questions about their past and their present. Their answers reveal fragments of their lives, the fragments they have decided to share. One of them is expecting nothing & everything from the universe, another one says he used to be Damo Suzuki and a third one argues that people take photos for they don’t want to have their memories washed away like tears in the rain. The different answers to the same question reflect one’s personality and uniqueness.  Who are these people in the end, is left to the viewer to decide.

The combination of text and photographs will eventually end up in a photo-book.



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